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What began as a national call to action called “Makin’ Music That Matters Video Campaign” to bring together students, school administrators, law enforcement and parents to discuss ‘Bullying’ and its devastating consequences, has branched out into a regional grassroots outreach program called “Making Music That Matters, Stop The Bullying Outreach Program and Enlightenment” with over 150 schools participating to date and appearances by Matt Kennon where the Top 40 country music singer and songwriter speaks directly to students to face challenges and make a difference.

Matt has enlisted the help of international award-winning speaker Troy McClain (The Apprentice, Season 1) and other notable motivational speakers to join him to let kids know there is hope and by joining together they can make a difference in their own life, and the lives of others.

The national video competition and campaign changed course to a region by region, locally accessible school assembly program available in your town.

In October, Matt will launch the next phase of the program by joining University of Alabama’s head football coach Nick Saban and his wife Terry, with their foundation “Nick’s Kids Funds.”

Matt Kennon’s 2010 Top 20 and #1 Heatseeker Billboard hit “The Call” shined a spotlight on a conversation to help prevent suicide and has over 4 million video views and 250,000 downloads to date.
In 2012, Matt kept the conversation going with his new radio single, “You Had to Pick On Me,” that takes on the headline making topic of bullying and became the catalyst for reaching out to kids directly using his music.
Matt’s new single was his stand against bullying. “It’s not fluff, it’s not fictional. People are hurting.” Matt’s enthusiasm about the school program is infectious. That’s because he truly believes together we can make a difference. “Bullying isn’t just in schools. I’ve been bullied, it goes on in the industry, it goes on in the workplace.” says Kennon.

Kennon, a new father himself, hopes to be a role model even though he considers himself a walking contradiction with his tattoos and “bad boy” look, and hopes to make a difference with Makin’ Music That Matters, Stop The Bullying Outreach Program and Enlightenment” in his community, your community, and the world.